At OC ManScape we understand how important it is for a man to look sharp and feel confident. And in such competitive times, we know that the sharper looking man always comes out ahead.


Whether you're in the office, gym, beach, or in your own domain, a man should always radiate with confidence, strength and masculinity. Your appearance has so much to say about it.


It doesn't matter who you are. Be smooth or be hairy. The choice is yours. We will assist you in looking and feeling your best!


Our job is to help you achieve and maintain the handsome and masculine image that every man wants. Keep in mind that we are specialized in Gentlemen’s Grooming. We are NOT the same as a general salon or the corner nail salon that offers waxing services. We are OC ManScape.


 Every type of man is welcomed here. You'll always be treated with respect and professionalism.


Thanks for visiting us!


910 E Birch St, Brea, CA 92821