You'll definitely feel a "sting". Some areas sting more than others (I know for a fact that I tend to be much less painful then most female waxers. But don't tell them that)



You'll usually feel great immediately after the service. May vary with some areas of the body and some individuals.


Who does the service?

Your waxer today will be Stev (male). Only Stev and you will be in your treatment room while you're being waxed.


Will I have to be naked?

You'll only need to expose the areas to be waxed. Most gents get over being shy very quickly. It's best to bring your sense of humor too.


Is the room private?

Absolutely. Although OC ManScape is located inside of a large salon /spa, your private room is secure from the rest of the world.


Can I bring my wife or friend in the room?

Although the space and seating is limited, you can bring some moral support in with you (accompaniment must stay out of the way and show total respect for you and the waxer).


Break-outs & Blemishes?

This is pretty common especially after your first couple of times. I'll show you ways to avoid it as much as possible.



This varies from person to person. Some men will last a week and some will last a month or so. Age and fitness could be factors in re-growth. Re-growth can sometimes slow down or in rare cases, even stop altogether.


What if I get an erection?

Great question! As we all know, the penis is a sensitive bugger and it seems to have a mind of its own. Most gents will experience an erection at some point during the Brazilian wax services. That is simply a physiological reaction to stimuli. It’s normal! You'll still be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Just remember that it's a normal occurrence.


Shower first?

Please do. Don't forget the nooks & crannies!



Any man from 18 years of age and up can receive these services. My actual clients range from 18 to 75 years of age!



You'll always be treated respectfully and professionally. OC ManScape is in no way an erotic service. If the waxer determines that a client has become inappropriate, the client will be asked to leave the salon immediately (So don't even think about it or you’ll have your balls ripped off and your hairy ass will be booted!).


House calls?



More Questions?

Please contact me at ocmanscape@gmail.com

or call



910 E Birch St, Brea, CA 92821