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Skin Care

Men's Facial Treatment


Hot Towel, Cleanse, Exfoliate, Masque, Hydrate, Relax.



Back Wax


From the neck and top of shoulders to the waist line. Does not include the upper arms

Back Wax with Upper Arms


Includes the upper arms down to the elbow

Half Back


Either the upper hald or the lower half of the back. Not both

Shoulder Wax


From the collar, top of shoulders to the shoulder blades. Does not include the upper arms or back

Eyebrow or Nostril


Ear & Nose combo


Full Brazillian


Includes genitals, pubic area, perineum and anus/butt crack. Does not include buttcheeks

Partial Brazilian


Includes full genital, pubic, and groin

Full Brazilian with butt cheeks


Includes genitals, pubic area, perineum and anus/butt crack. Does include buttcheeks

Genital Only


Does not include any grooming of surrounding pubic area. Only penis and scrotum are included

Jugular / Throat


Between the Adams-apple & collarbone



Includes the neck, top of shoulders, chest and stomach

Torso & Upper Arm


Half Torso


Back & Torso combo


Anus Wax


Includes anus and buttcrack. Does not include butt cheek.

Butt Cheeks


Does not include anus

Anus and Butt Cheeks


Armpit Wax


Arm Wax


Does not include shoulders.

Leg Wax


Includes both legs. From the top of thigh to the feet.

Half Leg Wax


Either from the knee up to the bikini line. Or from the knee down to ankles. Does not include feet.

Feet or Hands


Does not include wrist, arm, or ankles

Stomach /Abs


From the bottom of the ribs to the waist

Speedo/ Bikini


Includes the immediate area outside of the bikini line.

Trim & Neaten Up

An alternative to Waxing. This can be done by simply shortening the hair or trimming it to the skin level (similar to shaving).

Body Trims are $30 per body part.

Genital or Anus Trim $50.

* Pre-payment policy *

all services must be paid in advance within 30 minutes of being put on the schedule. We accept AppleCash, Zelle or for a $5 service charge, we can process a card via phone call 1(714)343-6272 .

Full refund for cancellations only up until 24 hours prior notice.

There are no refunds for no-shows.

We do not use Venmo.

10% discount for Veterans, Seniors and First Responders

All prices are subject to change without notice

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