Why wax and groom?

There are many reasons for gent's to wax and groom. Here are just a few.


Two eyebrows are better than one.


•You'll look better in a t-shirt or tank.


•Look better and more confident at the beach, pool, or gym.


•Hairy backs and shoulders are not sexy nor touchable (to many people.


•Show off muscle definition.


•Great for swimming or cycling.


•Look healthier and younger.


•Look and feel great when your shirt comes off.


•Look and feel great when your pants come off.


•Look fantastic naked!


•No stubble on your "special" bits.


•Gain at least a "visual inch"!


Increase penile sensitivity.


•Look great in swimwear.


•Pre-vasectomy wax (the nurse will do a horrible job).


•You'll feel cooler and ventilated.


•Tattoos look cleaner and brighter.


•Appear cleaner and fresher.


•Going on vacation or a cruise.


•Spice up intimacy (they won't be able keep their hands off! Neither will you for that matter!)


•Tame out of control body hair.


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